‚ÄčT/S Elevated Charcoal Basket

The TurboStream suite of unique direct/indirect grilling components is sure to maximize your komado style grill cooking experience. TurboStream.... premium, top quality accessories. 

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T/S Component Ring

TurboStream Products

The TurboStream Firebox Divider Plate bisects the firebox and offers the option of either direct or indirect cooks....using less charcoal.

The TurboStream Airflow Diffuser Plates unique design provides for a more robust convective/disruptive airflow resulting in a more enveloping roasting atmosphere for your indirect cooks. In addition, the "fin design" practically eliminates "hot spots"!

The TurboStream Elevated Charcoal Basket provides for a more intense searing capability due to the heat source being positioned much closer to the grilling surface. In addition, much less charcoal is required. Virtually turns your large Big Green Egg (and other kamado style cookers)into a mini with regard to charcoal consumption! Direct/indirect cooking capabilities as well. 

TheTurboStream Component Ring is the base unit  for the below T/S components. Easily installed between the firebox and fire ring, the Component Ring can remain indefinitely in your Big Green Egg and other kamado style cookers.


Grilling Component System

T/S Firebox Divider Plate

T/S Airflow Diffuser Plates